Home sales tend to rise when the weather warms up.  That's good news for us all, especially if you are looking to sell your home.  Selling your home during this peak-selling season can also be challenging.  To give your home an edge over the competition, you want your home to be in tip top shape.  

Remember the saying, " You Don't get a  second chance to make a First Impression,"  There is so much truth to that when putting your home on the market.   You want to step back and look at your home like the most discriminating buyer would see it.  

First, The Entrance way...  Is the Front Entrance neat and clean?  Inviting?  No chipped or peeling paint anywhere?  Does the Entrance way create a "Welcome Home" feel?  

Second, Take a look around the yard.  Pick up all limbs and debris laying around.  If your yard is still full of leaves, you may want to rake to give it a fresh look. Sprucing up the yard and Entrance way will give your home Great Curb Appeal.  Curb Appeal is what attracts the Buyers in the first place.  If the Buyer doesn't find the Outside Appealing, it is unlikely they will get beyond that.  

Next, Walk around the outside of your home.  Has the effects of winter taken it's toll on your home?  Is the siding dirty or Is the paint chipping or peeling?  Painting or Pressure Washing can do wonders for your Home's Exterior.  

Then walk inside...  Does it look clutter free?  Will a Buyer feel comfortable in your home?  They will need to envision themselves living there with their furniture. If they "Can't See Beyond Your Stuff"  then you may want to consider a little cleaning up and out, maybe even packing away some things. " Less is more"...  If your closets are not overflowing with clothes and boxes and if it is neat and organized, it appears you have more room.  Removing  our personal stuff sometimes helps the buyer to see beyond our things . 

And Lastly,  People buy on emotions so you may want to ask yourself these things.  1. How does it look? 2. How does it smell? 3. Does it feel like Home?  When the most discriminating buyer walks into your home for the first time, All of their senses will kick in and if everything Looks good, smells good and if it feels like home, it could possibly be their next home.  

And just one more tip...  When you list your home with a REALTOR, and you have been notified of a "showing"  you can turn on some lights, maybe bake cookies or light some candles, make sure your dirty clothes are off the floor or not hanging on a doorknob, turn on some soft music and wait on the offer . Happy Selling

Suzi Wolford